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Waterfall Dudes "I thought Ceiba did a great job. Our guide, Joe Orr, was wonderful. Not only was he knowledgeable about the ruins, but he also was extremely knowledgeable about birds along the river and elsewhere...Excellent accommodations! My personal favorite – Don Julian as a host/innkeeper/guide – was wonderful.
What a great man and what a great family." - J. Johnson 1/22/10 River of Ruins

"I felt as good as a boy and his dog - and had as much fun - on our trip through the Grand Canyon with you. It was the best vacation our family has ever taken! Thank you for all of your stories and the education too. The river is Grand. You made it GREAT." - The Powell Family 05/09

"We cannot say enough great things about our recent River of Ruins trip with Ceiba Adventures. It combined an ambitious itinerary, amazing historical and natural places, and some of the best guides I have ever traveled with. At every step of our journey doors were opened for us, boatman and drivers were there, and our days trek went without delays. Everyday I was amazed by the knowledge that our head guide Joe Orr possessed of the Mayan Cities we visited. Besides that he seemed to know of every plant and tree in the jungle and every bird that flew above us. At night his star talks and knowledge of astronomy was impressive. We had considered making this trip on our own. If we had we could not have covered half the places in twice the time, and none of the local guides had one quarter the information of the Mayan cities Joe had. This will not be the last time we travel with Ceiba. " - Betty A., River of Ruins 2/07

"Just a quick thank you for an excellent trip! good people, great guides. Courtney - you did a superb job and Joe is first rate and very knowledgeable about that part of the world - archaeology and natural history (as well as knowing many of the locals)." --Murray H. 2/07 River of Ruins


"We got back yesterday from our adventure and just want you to know it was even better than we could ever have imagined. I cannot say enough about Joe. And Courtney was fantastic too." --Chuck & Betty A. 2/07 River of Ruins

"Guys, thank you for everything – patience, kindness, great meals – all very much appreciated. Great trip! Best vacation ever." --Louise B. 5/05 Grand Canyon

" I absolutely can’t say enough positive things about Ceiba and Joe, your guide. He is so considerate and so warm and friendly, but most importantly for me, he really knows the Mayan sites and culture. All in all, I’ve waited for this trip for more than 15 years and it exceeded my expectations on every level!" --Janet H. 3/03 River of Ruins

"Thanks for a great 2nd trip – you made it even better than the first one!" --Becky V. 5/15/05 Grand Canyon

"Just as it is nigh to impossible to describe the beauty of the Grand Canyon – so it is in trying to describe the magic that you have added to our experience." --Tina H. & Ron S. 5/04 Grand Canyon

"I wanted to tell you that the trip was awesome. Joe was a great guide not only for the Mayan ruins but also for his knowledge on the birds, wildlife, and also astronomy. I don’t have a bad thing to say about the trip. If you ever need someone to attest for this trip, I would be happy to oblige!" --Brad W. 3/04 River of Ruins

"This has been an unforgettable trip and far exceeded our expectations!" --Lori & Danny T. 5/04 Grand Canyon

"Thank you both for an awesome time. We could not have asked for better guides. Please keep in touch! " --Raun A. 6/05 Grand Canyon

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